Friday, March 3, 2017


Welcome To Puppy Training!

This brief overview will tell you:

  • What to Bring to Class
  • Where Class is
  • Which vaccinations your dog needs to attend class
  • Who can come to class

Thank you for choosing Puppy class at Train This Dog, LLC.
We look forward to working with you and your dog.
The following information is important, please read carefully so you are prepared for class.
Classes are held at
Catnip n Biscuits
2615  Skidaway Road
(next to Taco Bell near the intersection of Victory Road)

Please show up five to ten minutes early to your class. Use the extra time for to allow your dog to potty.

When you come to class you should bring

Your SHOT RECORDS.  (you can take a clear photo with your phone and bring that in if you like).  

A hungry dog!  
Do not give your puppy breakfast if you have a morning class.
Do not give your puppy supper if you have an evening class.
(Note, this works for most dogs, if your dog is underweight or there is another issue, please use your best judgement)

a collar or harness

a six foot standard leash, no flexi (retractable)leashes permitted

delicious low-fat treats.  Plain boiled chicken in tiny pieces works well - dog biscuits will probably not work well at all.

A long tug toy. No hard ropes or plastic.  Something soft and fuzzy is good.

A treat pouch or clothes with pockets for your treats

Comfortable clothing and well behaved children.  (They will need to sit and listen sometimes, other times they are welcome to help you train your puppy.  They are not allowed to visit other people's dogs during class.)

A check to Train This Dog or cash.  I do not take credit cards.  Class is $125.0 for the session! (if you have a One Love Animal Rescue Voucher, please bring that)

If you must miss a class we can schedule a make up for $20.00 or I will help you catch up during the next class -  Don’t stress, this is puppy class, it’s supposed to be fun!

The following link will direct you to my Puppy Packet.  It has lots of hints for things like house training and no jumping.  It also has a list of things to bring to your puppy classes:

Please do not let your pup visit other puppies as you come into the building.  We don't want to teach them that the way to visit other dogs is by pulling on their leashes.
Please call or email if you have questions or need help.

Thank you for choosing Train This Dog, we will work together to make your new family member the best puppy they can be!

Claudia Black-Kalinsky, CPDT-Ka
Facebook: Train This Dog!

Basic Training Level 1 Welcome

This brief overview will tell you:

  • What to Bring to Class
  • Where Class is
  • Which vaccinations your dog needs to attend class
  • Who can come to class

The Dates for the class you have chosen are on the 

Welcome to Train This Dog Basic Training Class!

Thank you for choosing to work with me.

The following information is important, please read carefully so you are prepared for class.

Classes are held at:

Catnip ‘n’ Biscuits
2615 Skidaway Road
Savannah, Ga

Please show up 5 to 10 minutes early to your class.  Use the extra time to allow your dog to eliminate on the grass near the entrance.

When you come to class you should bring:

1.      VACCINATION RECORDS indicating your dog is current on rabies, distemper, and has received a distemper vaccination in the last 6 months  

2.      A Hungry Dog.  Your dog will get plenty of food in class, and will pay better attention if they are a little hungry. 

3.       Good treats.  Good treats are soft, and have a smell.  I like boiled chicken breast cut into pieces the size of a pea; it is actually cheaper by the pound than packaged dog treats, and fat free.  Do not bring hard biscuits.

4.       A treat pouch or good pockets you don’t mind loading with chicken or hotdogs.

5.       A basic, well-fitting collar or harness.  No chokes, chains, or prongs, please

6.       A basic 6’ leash.  FLEXI (retractable) LEASHES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CLASS.  Just get a plain old fashioned dog leash.

7.       A wonderful, long, soft tug toy.  NOT a rope or hard plastic thing.  I like the ‘road kill’ flat ones, personally, they have squeakers too.  Don’t let your dog play with their new toy until they get to class.  Hint:  The smaller the dog, the longer your tug toy should be, so you don’t get a sore back.

8.   We hope you bring your family, including children who are old enough to sit still and be quiet when requested.  We will allow children to join their parents as often as possible, but sometimes they will be required, for safety and training purposes, to sit in the audience.  If your children are too young to quietly comply please bring another adult to watch them, or make alternate arrangements.

Cash or a check made out to Train This Dog for $125.00.   If you have a One Love Animal Rescue training voucher, please bring that. 

When you come into class have a seat, and keep your  dog close.  Please do not let your dog visit other dogs as they come into the room.

Many of the questions you may have will be answered there.  If you have others please don't hesitate to contact me.  (Text messages work great!)

I look forward to help you and your dog become a wonderful team! 

Train This Dog                      Savannah Georgia
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Claudia Black-Kalinsky, CPDT-Ka